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Colourful children's respirator FFP2 NR AnDum, Animal, pack of 20 ks

Colourful children's respirator FFP2 NR AnDum, Animal, pack of 20 ks

Product code RF2013

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Number of pieces in the package 20

CENA:  198 Kč/balení (9,90 Kč/ks)

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  • Children's certified respirator with animals. Colourful respirator for smaller children. This children's respirator has clamping rubber bands behind the ears. The box contains 20 pcs of children's certified respirators FFP2 NR. Price 9,90 CZK/pc.

    Size: 13,5 cm x 9 cm

    Filtration efficiency: ≥ 95%

    Harmonized standard: according to Directive (EU)2016/425, EN149: 2001+A1:2009



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