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Three-layer drapes DISPOSABLE MEDICAL MASK MP CZ/SK, balení 50 ks

Three-layer drapes DISPOSABLE MEDICAL MASK MP CZ/SK, balení 50 ks

Product code J3R001

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Number of pieces in the package 50

CENA:  65 Kč/balení (1,30 Kč/ks)

Rozdáváme dárky k nákupu zdarma! Při nákupu v hodnotě:

501,0 Kč  -  1 000,0 Kč icon Hand disinfectant gel ANIOSGEL 800, 30 ml

1 001,0 Kč  -  1 500,0 Kč icon Protective hand cream Creme protectrice ANIOS, 50 ml

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64,98 Kč with VAT

53,70 Kč without VAT

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  • SINGLE-USE THREE-PIECE HANDBAND WITH A RUBBER I. class 50 pcs/box, price 1,30 CZK/pc.

    Box contains: CZ and SK instructions for use, product description, manufacturer's marking, date of manufacture and expiry, importer's marking MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o., EAN code, CE marking, pictogram instructions. The product is duly registered in the EU. The box is packed in hygienic foil. 

    The drape meets the standards:

    EN ISO 14971:2012, EN 62366:2015, EN ISO 13485:2016, EN 14683:2019, EU MDR 2017/745, EN ISO 14683+AC:2020


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