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Visitor hygiene gown made of non-woven fabric, blue, pack of 10

Visitor hygiene gown made of non-woven fabric, blue, pack of 10

Product code JONP1A-JONP1D

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CENA:  264 Kč/balení (26,40 Kč/ks)

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  • Hygienic gown, blue. Price 26,40 CZK/pc.

    Hygienic gown made of non-woven fabric type Spunbond for visitors. This gown is tied with drawstrings and has cuffs that are tightened with an elastic band. This gown is also suitable for agricultural and food production.

    We offer sizes M, L, XL and XXL.


    Fabric weight 24 g/m2, Protection class I, Compliance with MDD 93/42 standards, The jacket is in polypropylene packaging.

    Packing: 5 bags of 10pcs of sheaths, 50pcs/cart


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