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Promotional disinfectant gels ANIOSGEL 800 - Promotional item with added value

Have your disinfectant gels created with your company logo. This way you can combine company promotion with health care. Your customer or business partner will receive a practical gift from you, which is invaluable nowadays.

Simply choose the size of the disinfectant gel and the design and we will stick your chosen gel with a sticker according to your wishes. The sticker is made of high quality PVC and with UV lamination. The advantage is also that these logo disinfectant gels are tax deductible as a cost of advertising and promotional items of the company.

ANIOS brand disinfectant gels are gentle on nature and your skin. The effectiveness of ANIOSGEL 800 against microorganisms is proven to be 99.9%. The gel is suitable for daily application and is specially formulated to ensure that your skin receives the right nutritional elements and is not dried out or irritated. ANIOSGEL 800 hand sanitizing gel is manufactured in France in accordance with European standards. In addition, it is certified for a wide range of coronaviruses.



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