Face the winter cold with a protective hand cream with shea butter

25.1.2022 Tým MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o.

For many of us, winter weather means dry, irritated and sore skin on our hands. We also have unpleasant experiences with this, which is why we have newly added a nourishing protective hand cream with a moisturising effect from ANIOS from the ECOLAB group, from which we also buy our popular disinfectant gels. What are the specifics of this moisturizing cream?

Gentle hand protection not only in winter

Hands can often be dried out by the cold or cleaning products and can become painfully cracked. The softening protective cream Creme protectrice ANIOS is your best helper in the fight against dry skin. The cream serves as a gentle yet highly effective protection for cracked skin on the hands. Thanks to the shea butter contained in the cream, your daily stressed hands will be sufficiently hydrated and nourished.

We recommend applying the cream to your hands four to five times a day if needed, and it will protect your skin for three to four hours, even in this day and age of frequent hand washing. It has the advantage of not being unpleasantly greasy like many other shea and other butter-based creams. The cream absorbs quickly and leaves behind a subtle honeysuckle scent.


The French company ANIOS (Laboratoires Anios) belongs to the ECOLAB group, which specializes in effective solutions in the fields of hygiene, water resources and, last but not least, infection prevention. Since 2017, ANIOS has been focusing on all the aforementioned ECOLAB sectors, not only in France but also worldwide. By investing in research, the company succeeds in developing safe, practical and highly functional products that meet the strict requirements of hygienists. Among other things, they are also committed to protecting the environment and creating eco-friendly designs for their products as part of the Aniosafe concept.

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