Disinfection of premises

Device for professional disinfection of premises AEROSEPT 500

Stop the spread of viruses and bacteria not only in your offices, surgeries or conference rooms

The services we offer include professional disinfection of the premises. Our AEROSEPT 500 can prevent the spread of microorganisms and microbial particles, and not only through the air. This device from ANIOS can be used in various areas. It can be used in offices, surgeries, schools and even kindergartens. It can really do a lot. Read on to find out exactly how this room disinfection device works.

AEROSEPT 500 is a unique patented device from the French company Anios, a world leader in the development and production of disinfectants for hands, tools and surfaces, as well as in the development and production of devices that disinfect the air, the environment, surfaces and objects. Disinfection with this unique device completes the process of preventing the spread of microorganisms and microbial particles not only through the air, but also from object to object, from surfaces to surfaces, and especially the subsequent possible transmission from objects and surfaces to humans.


How the device works?

Thanks to the originality of the Venturi system, with the help of a peristaltic pump and a patented nozzle system that uses the principle of ultrasonic breaking of particles of diffusion solution, which then forms the smallest possible aerosol evenly delivered into the room, it disinfects the air and increases the relative humidity up to 100%.

In this process, the particles of the active substance are gradually saturated on all surfaces and subsequently disinfect the room and the air. Thus, from the initial contamination of air and objects with CFU (colony forming units) particles, after disinfection with the AEROSEPT 500, the microbiological analysis of air, objects and surfaces is negative, including hidden and difficult to access surfaces.


Contact time - the time required to disperse the active disinfectant ASEPTANIOS AD by means of the AEROSEPT 500, which ensures the effectiveness of the process, both disinfection of the space, objects, surfaces and the air itself.

Regeneration time - the time required to neutralise the active disinfectant and restore the room to normal use. After this process of disinfecting the air, surfaces and objects, the room and everything in the room becomes negative for the presence of microbiological organisms, i.e. free from contamination by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbial loads.


  • Bactericidal
  • fungicidal
  • effective against yeasts
  • mycobactericidal
  • tuberculocidal
  • sporicidalfully virucidal, including bacteriophages and coronaviruses (e.g. coronaviruses, hepatitis, HIV, TB, etc.)


Practically everywhere in all types of rooms, spaces and on all types of surfaces such as schools, kindergartens, offices, halls, surgeries and various other spaces.

Zastavte šíření virů a bakterií nejen v kancelářích a ordinacích

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If you are interested in disinfection of the premises, please contact directly the Sales Director Mr. Ing. Marek Hadac

E-mail: hadac@medicalprotect.cz

Tel.: +420 602 831 468



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