How does ANIOSGEL differ from commonly available disinfectants?

22.6.2021 Tým MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o.

Interest in disinfectants skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Manufacturers responded quickly and disinfectant gels flooded the market. However, they often differ significantly in quality and composition. In our offer you will find only tested and certified disinfectant gels, including ANIOSGEL 800. How do they differ from other products on the market and what are their main advantages?

ANIOSGEL 800 - fully virucidal hand sanitizer gel

The French company ANIOS has been on the market since 1898 and is one of the largest manufacturers of hand sanitizers in Europe and the world. Thanks to its gel formulation, ANIOSGEL 800 is one of the most popular hand sanitizers - because it is not a liquid, it spreads more easily in the hands and does not drip. In addition, they do not leave your hands feeling sticky. It is made from bioethanol and glycerol, which is derived from raw materials of plant origin. Thanks to its composition, this gel is used by people with sensitive skin or atopic eczema. These substances give it its unique properties. Unlike other disinfectants, it does not have an unpleasant alcohol smell and is also completely fragrance-free.

In addition, the manufacturers have also thought about the drying of the skin when using the disinfectant frequently, so the product is supplemented with an emollient and a moisturizing component, so that ANIOSGEL 800 disinfectant does not dry out the hands like other disinfectant gels with a high alcohol ratio.  It has been specially designed for daily use to ensure that your skin receives the necessary nutritional elements and does not become dry and irritated. The gel has no added colorants and is both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

ANIOSGEL 800 is dermatologically tested and its properties make it suitable for hygienic hand disinfection of the general population as well as for surgical disinfection. This product is also purchased from us by medical institutions. The gel effectively removes 99.9% of micro-organisms, bacteria and a wide range of coronaviruses. ANIOSGEL 800 is effective after only 30 seconds of application.

The ideal disinfectant for your pocket

Holiday time is approaching and you need to think about a stock disinfectant for your pocket. ANIOSGEL 800 offers the perfect solution for travel - thanks to its compactness (100 ml bottle with handy cap), it fits in your handbag, kidney or just in your pocket.

Thanks to the 100 ml size, you can even take this disinfectant gel on board an airplane, where the maximum possible liquid size is 100 ml. You remain fully protected even during long plane journeys.

Choose from different sizes and quantities of gels, and above all stay healthy!