Disinfectant gels

ANIOSGEL is made primarily from bioethanol and glycerol, which is derived from raw materials of plant origin. These substances give it its unique properties. The composition is dermatologically tested and is free of added dyes and perfumes. It contains emollients and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Its consistency does not allow the gel to run off the hands spontaneously. The products are manufactured with the principle of cosmetic tolerance, they are suitable for sensitive skin, which they soften and moisturize.

The effectiveness of ANIOSGEL against microorganisms is proven to be 99.9%. It is suitable for daily application and is specially formulated to ensure that your skin receives the right nutritional elements and is not dry and irritated. ANIOSGEL is manufactured in France in accordance with European standards. In addition, it is certified for a wide range of coronaviruses.


Apply undiluted Aniosgel 800 disinfectant to dry hands. Keep hands moist throughout the disinfection.

Efficiency Test/Norma Doba expozice
Hygienic hand disinfection EN 1500 : 2013 30 s
Surgical hand disinfection EN 12791 : 2016 120 s
Bactericidal efficacy EN 13727 (2013) 30 s
Noroviruses (MNV, Adenovirus, etc.) EN 14476 (2013) 30 s
Fully virucidal efficacy (HIV-1, CORONAVIRUS, etc.) EN 14476 (2013) 60 s
Mycobactericidal efficacy EN 14348 (2005) 30 s
Anti-yeast efficacy EN 13624 (2013) 30 s


  • 99.9% prompt effectiveness against bacterial contamination and infections, viruses

  • made from bioethanol

  • without added perfumes and dyes

  • Effective after 30 seconds of application

  • softens and moisturises your skin

  • does not irritate sensitive skin

  • does not leave a sticky feeling on the hands

  • easy application

  • does not run off spontaneously

  • dermatologically tested - Institut d'Expertise Clinique FRANCE

    Failure to maintain hand hygiene leads to infections. Normal hand washing is no longer sufficient and it is therefore necessary to disinfect your hands. Especially in situations where normal hygiene is not possible or where the risk of infection is increased.


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