Special disposable protective nitrile gloves MERCATOR® powergrip orange, pack of 50 pcs

Special disposable protective nitrile gloves MERCATOR® powergrip orange, pack of 50 pcs

Product code JNR003A-JNR003D

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  • MERCATOR® powergrip orange nitrile gloves, pack of 50 pcs. 

    Special gloves for professionals that provide protection against chemicals. These gloves have thick walls and diamond structure. They are therefore thicker than conventional gloves. Thanks to their diamond structure they guarantee perfect grip and protection when working in harsh conditions, even when working with lubricants, grease or in wet environments. These gloves have an unpowdered polymer coated inner surface. MERCATOR® powergrip gloves reduce the risk of scratches and irritation to the skin of the hands. In addition, they do not allow moisture and chemicals to reach your hands - the product has been classified as Category III B. The gloves are subjected to advanced testing to confirm their impermeability - the material will not allow bacteria or fungi to penetrate. Quality confirmed by tests carried out according to the strict European EN and worldwide ISO standards. The gloves are available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

    Glove sizes: M: JNR003A, L: JNR003B, XL: JNR003C a XXL: JNR003D


    • in construction and assembly work
    • in hydraulics and electrical engineering
    • also suitable for DIY
    • in the food industry
    • in the cleanliness maintenance sector


    Shodnost s normami:

    EN ISO 374-5 EN 420 Regulation (EU) 2016/425 EN 16523-1
    EN 374-2 EN 374-4 EN ISO 374-1




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