Disposable protective nitrile gloves nitrylex® black, pack of 100 pcs

Disposable protective nitrile gloves nitrylex® black, pack of 100 pcs

Product code JNR002-JNR002C

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  • Disposable protective nitrile gloves in black. Pack of 100 pcs. 

    Black powder-free nitrile gloves. Don't want to use classic white gloves and want a change? Then these black nitrile gloves are the perfect solution for you. They have a wide range of uses from hairdressing and tattoo parlours to food processing and engineering. Of course, they also find their use in the healthcare sector, for example in aesthetic medicine. Inside they are coated with polymer. The gloves are available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

    S: JNR002, M: JNR002A, L: JNR002B and XL: JNR002C

    Nitrile gloves:

    • Medical Class I, Category III
    • texture at the fingertips 
    • AQL ≤1,5latex-free gloves
    • have a minimum content of vulcanisation accelerators (substances which accelerate the solidification of the raw material due to temperature)
    • ideal alternative to gloves made from natural raw materials


    Compliance with standards:

    Regulation (EU) 2016/425 EN 1041 EN 455(1-4)
    EN ISO 15223 EN ISO 374-1 EN ISO 374-2
    EN 420 EN ISO 374-4 EN ISO 374-5
    EN 16523-1 Regulation (EU) 2017/745 EN ISO 13485:2016



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