We offer certified FFP2/FFP3 NR respirators. What exactly do the different abbreviations mean and how to navigate the purchase and choose the right respirator? We can help you with all this....

Before buying an FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator, which is labelled as "Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)" under EU Directive 2016/425, you should check whether the manufacturer has fulfilled all the obligations before placing the FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator on the market, i.e. whether the respirator has:

  • Declaration of Conformity - a declaration by the manufacturer of the FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator that the product complies with the applicable EU standards
  • CE Certificates Module B and C2 - issued by a Notified Body who confirms in a "Test Report" that the product complies with the requirements according to EU standards for placing on the EU market based on an assessment of the tested characteristics of the FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator
  • Test Report- the FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator is tested for its mechanical and technical properties. It must meet the minimum values set by EU standards.

Unless all the above points are met, the FFP2/FFP3 NR respirator may not be placed on the EU market and the customer risks purchasing a poor quality product that does not perform its function and thus risks his/her health.

FFP is an abbreviation derived from the English: "Filtering Facepiece" 
NR is also an abbreviation derived from English: "not reusable", it is for single use.

The following must be stated on the respirator itself:

manufacturer type of respirator CE with four-digit notified person code EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Correctly fitted respirators according to their "instructions for use" protect their wearer not only from dangerous bacteria and viruses. All of the above, our FFP2/FFP3 NR respirators comply. With us, you do not have to worry and can choose only the type and colour in peace, everything else is taken care of according to the legal legislation and standards. All the relevant certifications for our individual FFP2/FFP3 NR respirators can be found in the "downloads" section.


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