MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o. supported the heroes

On 26.2.2021, 26 kind-hearted people gathered at the St. Anne's University Hospital in Brno with the intention of selflessly saving someone's life. We were there!

It was not the medics, but the people from the ranks of the Bremen artists or fans of HC Kometa Brno who were seduced by good intentions, namely to donate blood using the project

The project, in conjunction with the St. Anne's University Hospital, was created in order to reach potential donors not only from Brno, but from the whole of Jiní Morava, as this precious liquid is in great short supply.

Support us with an amazing project and become blood donors too, because someday donated blood can save the life of, say, you.

MEDICALPROTECT, s.r.o. highly considers such low-profile heroes of the day, so donors received gifts in similarly disinfectant aniosgel 800 gels, which are fully virucidal, because their health needs to be perfectly protected, especially at this difficult time.

We will continue to support this meaningful project and save people's lives. We look forward to continuing to work with you as well.