High quality antigen rapid tests 2v1 SANSURE for covid-19 detection are newly available on the Czech market. The tests are not only fast and thrifty, but because they work on a colloidal gold basis, they can also detect sars-cov-2 N-protein antigen with quality and reliability.
These antigenic rapid tests are used to test people who are suspected to have COVID-19, either by means of a swab from the front of the nose (with the exception of the Ministry of Health for self-testing) or by a swab from the nasopharynx - but this method can only be performed by professionally trained medical personnel. The result of the test is known within fifteen minutes.
Sensitivities and specificity results
A comparison was made between the SANSURE antigen rapid test and the PCR method in 1,132 samples, with 491 samples positive and 641 negative. 98.4% sensitivity and 98.1% specificity were found with an overall match of 98.23%. The test results were known within 10-15 minutes.
MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o. - the only distributor in the Czech Republic
The company MEDICAL PROTECT, s.r.o. obtained a waiver from the Ministry of Health under §4 para. on April 29, 2021. 8 government decree No.56/2015 Coll., effective May 1, 2021, authorizing it to be placed on the Czech market and for the purpose of self-testing by the lay public (only by the method of sampling from the front of the nose) of the sansure antigenic speed odoster. The exception can be found under the number: 15854/2021-2/OLZP. 
MEDICAL PROTECT is duly authorized by the manufacturer SANSURE BIOTECH INC on the basis of a Letter of Authorization, which allows the company to place these antigenic tests on the Czech market, register them and resell them. The tests have a declaration of compliance from both the manufacturer and MEDICAL PROTECT. 
Thanks to this exemption and proper approval, MEDICAL PROTECT has become the only duly approved distributor of high-quality and reliable SANSURE antigenic tests designed for self-testing by the general public in the Czech Republic. At the same time, these antigenic tests are reimbursed in full by health insurance companies. So your company doesn't have to pay for anything.
Thanks to the fact that MEDICAL PROTECT is properly registered to both SÚKL and the Ministry of Health as an importer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, you can be confident that it is a solid and verified distributor. The tests themselves are also properly registered on both SÚKL (ev. No. 00971050), so on the Pharmdates
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